Ninja Base

All the ninjas come here to beta test the Amazing Race. If you aren't a ninja, you won't find anything on this page because only ninjas know the secret.


Toxic Ninja (Level 3): Stole chemicals from Power On and used them to transform himself into a stealthy cookie monster. He has previous experience from all around the world. Toxic Ninja assassinated Osama bin Laden in 2002 and disposed of him in the Arctic Ocean.

Mission Briefing

Practice: The ninjas have assassinated all enemies in this realm with their archery skills and profound knowledge. There are no further threats in this area.
Week 1: The ninjas have recovered all Shine Sprites and assassinated all bosses on the island to reach the Checkpoint. There are no further threats in this area.
Finale: The ninjas completed the fire extinguisher missile. They also found Launch Code #2: acrobat!