This page will list all of the contestants in the Amazing Race and their answers to a survey.
Why did you join the Amazing Race?
2. Are you going to win and why?
3. Any random facts about yourself?
4. Launch Code #4: caffeine

Team 1

1. I joined the Amazing Race because I didn't get to finish business in the last season due to Oldsider closing down. I'm back to kick butt and take names.
2. I'm going to win because I'm awesome. Also, chocolate milk is on my side.
3. I've been listening to the Zero Two theme from Kirby 64 continuously the past few days. Hundreds of times. I like chocolate milk, of course.
1. I joined the Amazing race cause I wanted a challenge, and I knew your competition was going to be hard. And cause I was bored.
Yes we are going to win. Why, FireFlinger and I are cool, and winners are cool. Also because I have been in an Amazing Race before, and I was also a judge. So I know how Kev (Frodo) thinks!
3. Why do you want to know, huh are you spying on me? And if you're are wondering, no I didn't kill the hobo on Grand Avenue, I WANT MY LAWYER!

Team 2

1. I joined the Amazing Race because I had a blast the last time you hosted it. I'm always up for a good small challenge and that is what the game is all about. Small challenges that require a small bit of thinking.
2. I can't say if we'll win or not. Of course, we're a strong team. We both are skilled in different things and will be able to crack the codes quickly. We're both online a lot so it shouldn't really be a problem. We work great together as a team and will certainly give everyone a run for their money. We might not win, but we'll give you all hell trying. ;D
I'm random.. yes. You answered the question for me. I'm good at certain types of puzzles but am rather lazy... <.< I like skittles.
1. It sounded like it might be fun.
I won't win, but we together as a team will. We're both in sync with each others thoughts, so we should be able to work as a team very effectively.
3. I'm going to be taking German lessons and guitar lessons during this thing.

Team 3

1. I joined to win, can't go in this and come out empty handed you know.
2. Of course, with Juni and Advertiser, we're unstoppable.
I haven't lost a forum game, and I won't start now.
1. I'm an advertising bot that was fired from my job. (And my bot brother just got a job here too. >_>) Without work, I have been quite bored. I saw your thread and thought "Hey, this sounds interesting. I may want to join this awesome contest thingie to bring entertainment to my dull bot life" So yeah, it just seems like it will be a great contest.
Of course I'm going to win. I'm a bot! With Juni at my side, I We (>_>) will be unstoppable!
3. I'm a bot that was made for advertising. I was doing a great job, until I was fired by my new boss. Since then, I have been lurkin the internet searching for something to do.

Team 4

1. It sounds fun.
2. Yes, because I'm going to try my best!
I skipped 7th grade, thus making me awesome.
Savage Syn
1. I have always enjoyed games on NSider, and I was apart of any Amazing Race that was not completed (Sirius' AR), and I want to fill that void.
I hope to. I am extremely smart. I have street smarts, and book smarts.
3. I was a member of the Pickle Club on NSider1. Is that random enough?

Team 5

1. ten thousand thundering typhoons! i don't know!
2. yes, because I said so
i never learned how to use emacs
1. joined becuase season three ended in the middle becasue of the closing of nsider1 and i had a great time, it was really fun and challenging.
of course im goin to win, well mabye not but we will try our best
3. random facts hmmmmm????? well im in a band, (i play the drums) thats all. cheerio

Team 6

1. I joined because it sounded interesting and i haven't joined in on any NSider games before
2. R_V_D and I are going to win because we are both active and have the determination to win
A random fact about me is that i skateboard
1. I wanted to try it out.
idk if im going to win.
3. I like pizza

Team 7

1. Because I love The Amazing Race and I loved the games they had at Nsider. It's sad to see they're not as many but The Amazing Race is all I need.
2. I definatly think we have a great chance of winning because between Pearljammer and I are two great minds.
I was in many Nsider games but never made it far in any of them. Finally i had reached the finals of Battle of the Nsiders ... and then the next day Nsider was kaput
1. If you know, I abosultely LOVE games on Nsider. Plus Kevinmon (frodo) is probably the best host you will ever see.
I am going to win forsure. 1. I have an amazing partner. 2. I know Kevin's tricky ricks. 3. I am one clever man.
3. My favorite drink is Egg Nog, and my favorite sweet is a Dairy Queen Blizzard with cookie dough and Oreos.

Team 8

1. I really wanted something to do over the summer, here on NSider2.
2. Definetly. I've had some experience with these sorts of competition (I was in Mario Survivor 4 & All-Stars). And since then, I've only gotten better.
Despite signing up for both Mario Survivor, and The Amazing Race, I've never seen an episode of either show.
I hate CBS.
1. It looks fun and I want to play a game on NS2 because I played a few at NS1.
Of course, because I'm gonna be the next Amazing...Racer! >:o
3. Not really. I guess I could just say I'm awesome or something. :^D

Team 9

1. Because I love joining these types of things, Survivor, Endurance. (But this would be my first time with the Amazing Race)
2. I am going to win because I am the most competitive person! >:-) I never give up and I never stop until I finish.
I am the worst person to get along with, which may hurt my standards. It is also the reason I lost in Survivor
1. Honestly, I joined because Toad166 asked me to. But I've read all the information about it, and it sounds like a very entertaining, suspenseful, and frustratingly humorous competition. I can't say no to something like that.
Yeah I figure I'll win, or come real close to it. I'm typically good at riddles and puzzles, and all sorts of crazy things like that. If me and Toad166 just work together efficiently, then I'm confident that we'll both come out on top.
3. I have no life, I will be here during all of my spare time if necessary, and I like mind games (or maybe I don't...). On a more serious note, I take rules very seriously. If I catch anyone trying to cheat, I will report them. Even if it means I'm a snitch. Lastly, I love all science, riding my bike, and reading.

Team 10

1. Before NSider closed I tried to enter the Race but in the end couldn't. Some blame NOA_Andy I blame Nintendo in general.
2. Am I going to lose. Probably... but I plan to try my best and get to that goal faster than anybody in this race. When I get my mind on something I keep going for it till the end.
I can name millions
1. I have flat feet.
2. I am into video editing.
3. I once crashed into a tree with my bike.
4. I love all types of fruits but for some reason their all too sweet.
5. I sometimes like to day dream different scenarios while listening to music to come up with youtube videos.
6. My rants aren't always what I think... sometimes there just stuff I feel like saying at the time.
7. Out of everyone I know I always been the most neutral in any topic.
I'll stop here...
1. I joined because I like to compete against others, and because I like the idea of having a partner along the way. Hey, it might help pass time when I'm bored too.
Am I going to win? I don't know. XD I guess we will find out.
3. I'm mexican.